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BNMD is Making Up Some Ground

Ha, puns, we love them!

In all seriousness, holy bananas! The online make up party hosted by Maskcara Beauty Rep UpNorth Allure (more about what that was can be found here) generated a ton of revenue! Because of all the sales, each take away bag for the survivors will be getting a little something something from Anna. She reached her sales goal numerous times which meant she kept upping it until the party ended.

How incredible is that?! Not to mention, we received our donation from Estee Lauder which will also being going in the survivors bags. Each survivor will be getting a take away lotion, an eye pencil, and a lipstick!

Still not enough for you? Well you will be stoked to hear that a past representative of Paparazzi Accessories donated her remaining stock to the BNMD event as well and there are enough pieces to go in the bags too!!

Our goal is to have these women feel confident in themselves every day with the addition of make up and jewelry if they wish. Thank you to all these amazing women supporting women! Your generosity is overwhelming and we are very thankful for your support!

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