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Bring on the Clothing Swap!

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Duluth Boudoir Photography and Brittany from Ellipsis are teaming up to host a clothing swap at Duluth Coffee Company's Roastery space!

A lot is going into this event. We will not only be making over the moms, providing their kids with fun activities and entertainment; we are also doing a photo session and providing new photos to all of the families, and we are sending them home with some great essentials to help their transition out of the shelters and into their new homes.

Clean out your closets, and get ready to swap for some new fashions from your friends. PLUS we are doing a GIVEAWAY!!! For every $10 you donate toward a Brand New Mother's Day you are entered into a drawing to win a basket of prizes including a mini session with Duluth Boudoir Photography!

Drink beer, find new fashions and help support survivors of domestic abuse and violence in the community!

How it Works:

Bring a minimum of 10 items from your closet. Better to bring too much than leave wishing you'd brought more to get rid of. You can also bring with any clothing/accessory items that you decide you don't want anymore (scarves, jewelry, purses, belts, shoes, etc.).

We will spread the items out around the space into categories when everyone arrives - tops, pants, dresses, shoes, etc. Grab yourself a beer, coffee, wine and meander the tables searching for new items for yourself or for others and have a great time! **all unswapped clothing will be donated directly toward our 2019 event**

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