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Maurices For The Win!

You know Maurices, right? Clothing giant, mint logo, headquartered right here in Duluth? No? Not ringing a bell? That's ok, you can check them out here!

They made our 2018 event super exciting because they donated sample sale clothing directly to the event. Racks and racks of brand new clothes were able to find new homes with the survivors we created the event for.

You know what's super exciting? They're in it again! For the second year in a row, Maurices has come through for us in a huge way! For these women, they have little more than the clothes on their backs and to be able to "shop" through clothing donations is amazing, even more incredible when they know they are the first to wear them!

Some of the many clothing racks and tables available for survivors to sift through and take home with them.

It's a small comfort but we take pride in knowing we were able to provide them with that. Thank you 1000 times over, Maurices! We appreciate it more than you know.

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